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Juniata Analytics is a tech start-up working at the intersection of business, sustainability, and software to help organizations calculate, analyze, and share sustainability information across internal operations and supply chains. Juniata was responsible for crafting the initial vision for the ReFED Insights Engine, managing the project and coordinating contractors, developing the methodologies, collecting and processing data, and developing a web application to automate the data modeling.

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Quantis is a sustainability consulting group that guides top organizations to define, shape and implement intelligent environmental sustainability solutions. In a nutshell, their creative geeks take the latest science and make it actionable. They employ internationally renowned experts in life cycle assessment and sustainability quantification. Quantis was commissioned to support the development of Greenhouse Gas emissions factors of food loss and waste specific to supply chain stage, product type, and end destination.

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Report Authors
Caroline Powell, Director of Product Development - Juniata Analytics
Philip Curtis, Director of Operations - Juniata Analytics
ReFED Team Contributors
Dana Gunders, Executive Director
David Brooks, Insights Engine Product Manager